Aberdeenshire Specialists in Seasoned Wood Logs and Firewood Logs

Seasoned firewood logs from Wood Logs Aberdeenshire

Wood Logs Aberdeenshire can supply dry seasoned fire wood log fuel which is suitable for the following:

  • Open fire burning
  • Wood burning stoves
  • Log boilers
  • Multi Fuel stoves
  • Chininea and solid fuel ranges

We can deliver our firewood directly to your door in the Turriff, Inverurie and Huntly and surrounding areas by tipper trailer full (5 cubic metres).

We can provide seasoned firewood logs cut and split to specific size upon request - this service is ideal for various different log boilers. We use a log boiler for all our own heating requirements at our premises at Fortrie Aberdeenshire and as such we draw on our own personal experience in operating our own boiler system to ensure our logs are best suited for log boilers.

If you have the storage space available for logs, then it makes sense to install a log boiler (Gasification Type) and be eligible to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme payment paid by the Government, which is guaranteed for the next 20 years.

Recently, wood burning has been revived with the focus on reducing our carbon footprint and using sustainable and renewable fuel to heat our homes and businesses. Furthermore, combined with the Government RHI scheme, it is a fantastic time to take advantage of using firewood as a fuel source.

The trees used to produce your firewood are all sourced locally, either from our forest or in the surrounding area which is better for the environment and our local economy.

Our Service

We can supply firewood logs in our tipping trailer to your premises, should you prefer we can provide logs for your own pre-arranged collection at our premises. We have invested in a state of the art firewood processor which can enable us to process logs up to 30cm quickly, safely and efficiently.

We always have logs seasoning under cover which ensures our firewood logs are dry when delivered.

Rest assured you will not be disappointed with our service and quality of our firewood.

Moisture Content

If you are using firewood for an open fire or wood burning stove the ideal moisture content is just below 20%, however, from our experience, if you are using a log boiler, it will operate more efficiently using logs with a moisture content between 20 and 22%

With the use of a moisture metre, we have the ability to check the moisture content of our firewood before it leaves our premises, therefore ensuring that quality is always a priority.

The reason we always check that the moisture content is below 20% is due to the efficiency when burning the logs. Below this range, the energy efficiency is increased as there is less evaporating water content. This results in firewood logs that are easy to light and burn and produce an optimal heat output.

Continuity of Supply

We always have between 250 and 300 cubic metres of logs drying either at our premises or on our adjacent Woodland. The split logs are stored undercover in our large shed where they complete their drying process before being delivered.

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